Emily is a design critic in Landscape Architecture at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. With a background in art, documentation, and fabrication, she explores the overlaps among the built environment’s parallel disciplines.

Her current research runs in two distinct yet parallel projects, sharing a foundational interest in the centering of marginalized sites. In one case, Hinterlands: Liminal Landscapes of Reckoning, a focus on hinterlands as sites of confrontation with the externalities of our urban condition. The other, Sited: Inclusive Design Pedagogy, seeks to apply the sited approach of landscape to design pedagogy itself, focussing on students themselves as sites, with attention to situation, position, and identity, to be embraced in the co-production of a more inclusive design education.

She has both Master of Architecture and Master of Landscape Architecture degrees from the Harvard GSD, where her thesis, NONSITE: Displacing Purgatory, was nominated for the James Templeton Kelley Prize. She holds a BA in Studio Art with a minor in Psychology from Lehigh University.

If you are interested in working together    ...    emily.wettstein@gmail.com